The Foundation and The Founder

Mission Statement

Let you do what you do best. No questions asked.


Meet Derek

DollarProbs Founder

Derek Shumway is an entrepreneur in American Fork. His passion for business began in ninth grade when he bought stock in Apple, dubbing himself as a main street investor. He taught a community course on the stock market and self-authored over 130 pages of policies and employee manuals for real-world use.

Derek was born in China, speaks fluent French, and is a native English speaker. Family, education, and his pet dog Zoey are his biggest admirations. When it comes to jobs, he’s done it all. From sweeping hallways as a janitor, cooking fast food, and grinning through customer service . . . he likes to joke about climbing the ranks in life.

This fall he will complete his associate degree at Utah Valley University and will transfer to Brigham Young University to work on a bachelor’s degree. Derek founded DollarProbs LLC in July 2018 to jump start your life's passions, so you can do what you do best. No questions asked.